Dimos is an old kingdom, and perhaps one of the first to form in its own region.  It has undergone many shifts in its boarders, and continues to do so due to its constant military activity.



Dimos is the name of the daemon who is said to have first identified the boarders of the kingdom himself.  Standing atop the mountain the capital sits upon and pointing out to landmarks, he drew the original stretches of the kingdom by eye.  Many of the landmarks he pointed to can still be seen today.


<<Diplomatic History>>

Though it is in debate as to which kingdom came first, Dimos is certainly considered to be one of the first (by Humans, at least), having some scholars trace its inception to before Common was a written language.  It is widely believed that the founding of Dimos is what started the current calendar.   The first reference to the kingdom called it "Dissoon"; however, not many historians disagree as to whether that this is the name of a neighboring kingdom or of the kingdom itself.

The kingdom has since absorbed all other kingdoms that had popped up around it through relentless pushes and calculated strikes.  After approximately 6,000 years, it has made its way to its current size, and will still skirmish with adjacent kingdoms from time to time for small slivers of land.

Much like its current reputation, Dimos' historical treaties centered primarily around military action.  It has fought with Nihlkos to its north-east and Cor Meum to its north, but currently has made its way to more peaceful endeavors in response to its loss in the Dimos Civil War and the growing orc threat to its south-east.


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