Your average gnome is not taken so much by the aims or constrictions that most of the other races feel important.  For example, they do understand the need to save money for large purchases, but they do not understand why so many will go out of their way to amass wealth.  Capricious and prone to frivolity, the gnomes of this world can only keep their attention on one thing if any: discovery.  A gnomes wish to go to places he's only heard of, and encounter new things is what drives many of them to wander.  This is discounted, of course, by the fact that the usual gnome does not stray too far from the community and home.


Gnomes are a race that is somewhat rare compared to other "common" races.  Other than being somewhat common in New Bendule, Republic of Schel, and the islands of Bendule, you are unlikely to see a gnome anywhere else in the world.


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