The kingdom of Mohrair is on what many consider to be the edge of civilization, despite its location.  Bordered by the militaristic Dimos to the west, the Nihlkos to the North, and the vast and disinterested kingdom of Posdess to its east, Mohrair is a relatively new kingdom.  Vastly devout in their beliefs in the gods of good and fortune, many will overlook some acts provided you are of the same faith.

Mohrair is head by a council of 12, and religiously by Her Holiness Grand Priestess Ignus Marium III.


<<Diplomatic History>>

Originally, the kingdom was three separate kingdoms, each inhabiting the three major landmasses it encompasses (Noemni, Estar, and Sevienne).  These three kingdoms were all founded between 2E 1,279-1,298 after they gained independence during the Dimos Civil War, and only merged around 2E 1,307 in response to outside threats.

The biggest of these threats was the growing orc and goblin population to the south.  Relatively uninterested in the outside world, many of the tribes that had once lived on the southern isles began to join together and make concerted pushes north, forcing many of the newly developed kingdoms to pool their resources and stop the hordes.

Though only three or four generations have lived in this land, historians will point out that other civilizations have come before, far before, and have left many ruins throughout the countryside.  Mohrair has been in little conflict with other countries, primarily due to the constant threat from The Black Lands.  They provide a buffer for many countries against one of the more volatile stretches of The Black Lands, so most countries are willing to offer at least some support, if not simply letting them be.


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