Nihlkos is a kingdom that prides itself on its progressive attitude, but is known for being largely arrogant for this reason.  It is bordered by Cor Meum to its north, Dimos to its west, Mohrair to its south, and shares an island with Posdess to its west.


<<Diplomatic History>>

Nihlkos is older than Cor Meum, but younger than Dimos, having been formed approximately 295 years ago when two large kingdoms agreed to combine their boarders and absorb a smaller state between them.  During its formative years, it skirmished with neighboring kingdoms for small parcels of land; however, after the formation of Cor Meum and the Civil War, it lost some of its possessions, and has yet to act in any large military capacity since then.  Simple political agreements and extensive trade deals have effectively kept the kingdom safe from invasion for 100 years.

It currently holds an alliance of 40 years with Cor Meum, a non-aggression pact of 25 years with Dimos, and a simple but rigid agreement with Posdess, which includes the island they share as the only trade hub allowed between both kingdoms.  A non-aggression pact and trade agreements were formed between Nihlkos and Mohrair as soon as the city of Garden was surrendered to them during the Civil War.


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