Orcs are one of the longest-standing enemies of the civilized world.  They have been at odds with humans and elves since the times of Dimos himself.  Though some believe that orcs themselves have the capacity, and indeed exercise the capacity, to form complex social structures and nations unto themselves, most believe they are simply barbaric destroyers.  Most everyday experiences seem to uphold this belief.

This fact has made it near impossible for half-orcs to live in most places on the continent.  As such, communities of half-orcs are extremely rare, but no less rare is simply meeting one in a city.  Most cities have banned their kind from even entering, and there have been many cases of them being shot on sight due to the antagonism many face from their kind every day.

Orcs are most associated with The Black Lands, especially to the south.  As such, any nation save for Amairsh that boarders the southern Black Lands strictly monitor any half-orc activity that exists within their boarders.  The only nations that seem to have any sizeable half-orc population is the Republic of Schel, Cor Meum, Bendule, and Muse (arranged by population).  Nihlkos and Posdess are known for policies allowing half-orcs to freely pass so long as they have proper identification, but are highly restrictive when it comes to anything but travel.


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