The Black Lands

"The Black Lands" was originally a marker used for lands not conquered or developed by the civilized world.  In more contemporary times, they have come to mean the lands enveloped in the darkness of more than just obscurity, as they are known to carry the hordes of great and terrible evil.


<<History of The Black Lands>>

The original definition of "The Black Lands" was always in question between more than one kingdom, as kingdoms would often know of different lands and purposefully leave each other ignorant.  Though, in time, the old and new definitions began to take shape together, as new and undeveloped territory was often synonymous with troubling encounters and dangers.


<<The Contemporary Black Lands>>

Today, it is known that many of The Black Lands are indeed conquered and developed, just not by friendly forces.  Often the nations that inhabit these lands are aggressive, deceitful, or otherwise barbaric.  Races equated to The Black Lands include: Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, Ghoran, Tieflings, and Naga.

The Black Lands

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