Dwarves are known for their rough nature and gruff outward expression, but their strength in both heart and body as well.  Dwarves are steadfast, and can often bring a level of stability to a group.  Most having spent long periods of time underground, they have come to admire the features of the earth as part of their personality.  However, as the range of dwarves' homes slowly expand, so too do the possibilities of dwarves as members within socieites around the world.


Dwarves are a people of the land, and do not stray too far from earthy habitats; thus, you are not likely to find dwarves in too many places featuring deserts or oceans (dwarves have a bad time on boats).  As such, dwarves tend to stick to the more mountainous regions, such as their home lands of Dmair, eastern Dime Coros, and western Cor Meum, Bendule, and Dimos.  So long as they are interweaved with volcanic landscapes or magma tubes of some kind, Bronze Dwarves can be found living alongside them.  Dwarven populations can be found in any central kingdom.


Dwarves are unique in that their boarders have come into dispute many times, as they claim land underground, while other races claim the land aboveground. 


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