Bronze Dwarves

Born and raised in volcanic lands, these dwarves find their homes among volcanoes and the magma rivers that flow in western Dimos, eastern Dime Coros, and southern Dmair.  They can be found living along side Dwarves, often times below them in the hotter sections of cave systems.



Bronze Dwarves are about the same height as their cousins, and seem to share many other physiological traits.  The only major biological difference (save for heat resistance) is their life-span, which is generally much shorter than normal dwarves, with them reaching adulthood 8 years earlier.

Bronze Dwarves are not called so without merit.  Indeed, they are known for being able to polish compound metals like bronze to a near-perfect sheen, but they most likely got the name from their naturally bronze skin.  Sometimes becoming quite intense, this visual marker is often times relied upon as the only thing outside races use to tell the two races apart.  Other visual markers of Bronze Dwarves include a natural shift towards black or brown hair, and sometimes wavy as opposed to curly hair.

Bronze Dwarves are as enthralled by stonework and metals as their cousins are, but also find pleasure in influencing and molding the flows of magma near their homes.  In some instances, Bronze Dwarves use lava channels to give basic light to certain parts of their settlements.


<<Playing a Bronze Dwarf>>

Bronze Dwarves share many similar traits with their cousins, but differ in some key ways:

They do NOT benefit from:  The Hardy and Hatred racial traits.

However, they do benefit from: 

  • Fire-Tempered ((You have heat resistance 5, and can make a fortitude save before entering any environment of damaging heat to take only half during each damage step)). 
  • Frigophobia ((You take a -2 on all fortitude saves involving chilling attacks, a -4 penalty on survival checks and -1 to attack rolls, fortitude and reflex saves in frigid environments)). 
  • Igniphilia ((You gain a +5 on survival checks in volcanic environments, and a +1 to attack rolls.  You also gain an extra 1 temporary hp per level if you sleep in an environment describable as "uncomfortably hot"))

Additionally, Bronze Dwarves gain +2 to their wisdom ability score, but a +1 to their constitution score.  Charisma gets the standard -2.



The need for Bronze Dwarves to regularly trade for supplies have made them grow more accustomed to spending time with other races; however, they are still considered to be as gruff as their cousins.  With their greatest trade partners being humans, gnomes, and other Dwarves, they have grown fond of their company.  Though, as elves, vanara, and other races tend not to visit their toasty cave systems as often, they are often taken to expressing suspicious curiosity.

Living in a dangerous environment like a volcano or near a lava flow, it is incredibly important that members of the community help each other out when tragedy strikes (such as a new hotspot forming or a support melting away).  Because of this, if a Bronze Dwarf sees another Bronze Dwarf (or perhaps any Dwarf) in a state of distress they feel compelled to assist in any way possible. 

Bronze Dwarves

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