Cor Meum

Located in what could be described as the "center of the civilized world", and is often considered as such in symbolism as well.  It's capital, "Caelum Sedes", is the largest city in the world, both in size and in population, and is separated into 6 different districts (Mage Center, Undercove, East Sedes, West Sedes, North Sedes, and The Seat).


<<Diplomatic History>>

This nation was formed when (West to East) the magical Kingdoms of Alghina Al'aradi and Kulho, along with the Nation of Di'Colour, and the relatively rich Kingom of Orientale merged as part of a diplomatic partnership about 195 years ago.  Since then, the previous borders of the kingdoms have become regional markers of little importance


<<Important Locations>>

Caelum Sedes; Known as the center of the world to the peoples of most kingdoms, it is a political, economic, and advanced powerhouse.  Built on large and sometimes violently different juttings of hard rock, expansion outward is often a difficult endeavor.  It is separated into 6 districts, each spreading for more than 2 square miles at their smallest:

  • Mage Center: The largest congregation of mages and spellcasters of every creed and credit, and boasts a library and magic hall larger than any castle of any other kingdom.  Its tall and thick buildings give ample space for the multitude of mage colleges, which provide a haven for those wishing to study the arcane arts.  This part of city is watched carefully by The Vigil, a guard of highly elite mages who are known for their uncanny ability to stop wrongdoings before they occur.  It is located to the south of the city's center, with a very small bit of wall out of the city, as most of it is shaved off by East and West Sedes.
  • Undercove: Though the name implies it lies below something else, this section of the city encapsulates a majority of the capital's massive docks, where most of the ships that sail through the pass between the continents end up.  One of the richest districts within the city (often pulling in more revenue off of trade taxes alone than many other kingdoms do on the whole), it is often at the forefront of many new and interesting mechanical inventions.  It is located to the city center's east, on the bay.
  • East Sedes: Technically only the south-east of the city, it is the smallest district other than The Seat.  It is primarily a residential area, though not entirely by choice (as none of the districts other than Mage Center are strictly zoned).  It does have a tiny piece of the city's docks, but they are slightly detached, smaller, and more for use of the city's private residents; thus, they aren't as developed and do not see much traffic.  This district only has two gates out of the city, with one being the primary route to the peninsula and the other to the south.  Most traffic that comes through here are residents and traffic to/from the docks and the south.  It is located to the east of Mage Center and south of Undercove.
  • West Sedes: Known as being the other important trade hub, this side of the city deals primarily with foot and carriage traffic from the rest of the continent.  As the largest district of the city (being able to hold up to 3 East Sedes'), West Sedes is understandably diversified in the buildings, people, and purposes it can hold.  
  • North Sedes:  The most tame of all of the districts, not much is said about North Sedes by travelers.  A majority of its buildings are residential, but the hidden gems of specialty restaurants, startup designers, and self-employed shops riddle the landscape.  In addition, the architecture of North Sedes is said to be so pleasant that people go there to heal themselves quicker from sickness (there are also a large number of physicians in this district, from many different practices).  North Sedes is north of The Seat, east of West Sedes, and shares Undercove's north-west boarder.
  • The Seat: The center of the center, this district is said to be directly linked to everything happening in the world in one way or another.  The tallest building in the city is located here…


Cor Meum

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