Cor Meum

Located in what could be described as the "center of the civilized world", and is often considered as such in symbolism as well.  It's capital, Caelum Sedes, is the largest city in the world, both in size and in population, and is separated into 6 different districts (Mage Center, Undercove, East Sedes, West Sedes, North Sedes, and The Seat).


<<Diplomatic History>>

This nation was formed when (West to East) the magical Kingdoms of Alghina Al'aradi and Kulho, along with the Nation of Di'Colour, and the relatively rich Kingom of Orientale merged as part of a diplomatic partnership in 2E 1,095.  Since then, the previous borders of the kingdoms have become regional markers of little importance.

Cor Meum has been in strong trade partnerships with most of the other nations in the world, but recently has adopted a slightly more open relationship with the nations that remain on its good side.  These partnerships and mutual endeavors keep Cor Meum's borders safe from most of their neighbors.  The glue that holds most of these relations together, and truly what holds the nation itself together, is Caelum Sedes.

Cor Meum

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