Dime Coros

Dime Coros is a kingdom made of 6 smaller kingdoms (including two dwarven kingdoms) who are all locked in political conglomeration with each other.  While the kingdom's military and foreign affairs are mostly merged, each individual kingdom has its own local armed contingent and is allowed to make certain foreign political decisions on its own.



Dime Coros has, despite its overall land mass compared to the other nations of the known world, what is often considered a large amount of oceanic influence due to its colony on Ravenhearth Island far to its north.  However, despite this recent colony and the larger theater of the ocean opened up to them, most of their resources remain with the primary kingdoms.  These primary kingdoms are generally divided up based loosely on geographic markers.

The kingdom of Halvoy exists on the large, mountainous peninsula, and takes one of the primary roles in administrating the northern island of Poli.  The kingdom of Fasett is just inland and on the northern coast.  Its lands stop just before the capital, but despite its size is another large administrator of Poli.  The kingdom of Brudd is one of the larger kingdoms, taking up the west coast and half of the southern coast of Dime Coros, and extending inward to just south of the capital.  This kingdom is home to large amounts of deciduous forests and steep hills.

Svart is the kingdom just east of the capital, and extends over the border between Dime Coros and Dmair.  It also straddles two-thirds of Sinew Lake.  This kingdom is known for its mountains in the north (some of which are claimed underground by Dmair Dwarves populations) and hilly grasslands in the south.  The last kingdom, Myromrade, covers one-third of the Sinew Lake waterfront and half of the southern coast (which also includes the only Dimos-shared boarders.  This kingdom is marked strongly by its association with swamplands, with over 40% of its land comprising of a temperate swamp.


<<Diplomatic History>>

The nation of Dime Coros came about after a trade agreement was suddenly turned into a strong alliance agreement reminiscent of a merger charter.  This agreement, written by 3 delegates from each nation (Halvoy, Fasett, Brudd, , and Svart) to represent each of their own affairs (economic, military, diplomatic); the only difference was Myromrade, which sent a fourth delegate to speak specifically about domestic affairs (despite this being an implicit topic the delegates where already going to cover).  With this agreement, the nation of Dime Coros was established in 2E 1,005.

The name Dime Coros was a derivative of the name Dimis Ouris, which was the name of a reminiscent collection of states that formed for a brief time during the early 1E 3,900s.  This name also comes in its most base form from the name of Dimos, the great hero of old.

The Kingdoms which now form the nation of Dime Coros were originally working towards a trade agreement in how to deal with the new lands they acquired from their combined military effort against the kingdom of Dimos.  Due to a clause in the previous trade deal stating that "any acquisitions earned by the combined efforts of the states signed to this agreement are to be divided to said states in a fair and even manner," the division of the land was hotly debated, as many nations that participated shared no direct connection to what would have been their earnings.  After 5 years and 3 months of deliberation and a few threats of things going out of control, the idea of simply unifying the nations began to grow in support, and eventually caused the outcome observable today.

Since its founding, Dime Coros has been in one major and one minor military conflict with Dimos, one minor military scuffle with Dmair, and a major military conflict with Bendule over the charge of some islands.  Recent dealings have been rather peaceful, however, as most of their military action with other nations rests on a cooperative effort with the Republic of Schel over The Black Lands on Ravenhearth Island.  Though, the threat of conflict once again igniting with Dimos is still a threat.

Dime Coros

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