Nestled between long ranges of dessert and massive natural stone pillars, the mostly-barren nation of Linvie is home to such races as the Sand Elves and Vanara.  Though most of its western, central, and southern lands are devoid of many permanent settlements or plant life, all of the land that boarders water teems with life and healthy communities.

It is bordered by Posdess on all sides save for its south-east, which is bordered by the ocean and Amairsh.


<<Diplomatic History>>

These lands were originally a part of the nation of Posdess before being occupied by a rebel group.  The first of these were the Vanara, who were native to the western shores of the Pitchwater Inland Sea.  Being forced off of what little land in what was called the Great Vanara Migration of 2E 1,133-4.  They were condemned to walk the deserts until they found camaraderie with a group of elves who were well known for their aptitude for surviving in the desert, known as the Sand Elves.  These two peoples formed a larger rebellion to fight shared oppression by Posdess.

The civil war that eventually ensued lasted little more than a year, with its ending attributed to a powerful wizard switching sides to fight for the rebel group.  As the story goes, the leaders of Posdess had little heart for fighting, especially for a patch of desert.  As part of an extended peace deal, both the patch of desert and the western shores of the Pitchwater Inland Sea were seceded to the new nation of Linvie, establishing it in 2E 1,141.

The acquisition of the southern lands of Linvie were during a combined military campaign with Posdess and the now nonexistent nation of Hourim against the nation of Amairsh.  Once the nation of Hourim collapsed, Linvie took over the mostly shrubby land it held as well, accepting in the only large settlements of humans found on the continent.


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