Posdess is an old kingdom that is known primarily for being somewhat secluded.  Even the kingdoms that share boarders with it report little or no consistent correspondence.  It is bordered by Nihlkos and Mohrair to its west, Muse to its north, Amairsh to its east, and shares an imbedded boarder with Linvie, which inhabits its south-west.



The south and central areas of Posdess are known for being largely comprised of rocky terrain and desserts, with few perpetually habitable locations.  Its northern and eastern areas are, by contrast, considered very lush and grown through by large forests and even a few patches of jungle east of Linvie.  The Pitchwater Inland Sea is is the largest inland sea in the known world, and is known by many due to a myth that its island, "Pitchwater Island", was the final resting place of the first druid to ever live.


<<Diplomatic History>>

Posdess' history is not widely known, but it is believed to be one of the older kingdoms, having likely sprung up over 8,000 years ago.  Its wars have mostly been with The Black Lands, Amairsh, and a bit with Nihlkos.  It is said that though the kingdom's contribution to the Invasion from Beyond incident was small in numbers, it was a pivotal player in respect to power.  Thus, beyond these threats, it is believed that Posdess has had much more strife to have bore such an efficient military for its size.

Linvie itself is a strong topic of debate for some of the citizenry, as it is a kingdom that rebelled and successfully formed within Posdess borders. It is known to have unspoken support due to its policies on freedom and openness, but still carries some ire due to its sometimes brash leadership.

Its greatest trade partners are Nihlkos and Cor Meum.


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